The term "flag" in TouchDesigner refers to the indicator of states of an Operator (the Bypass flag, Display flag, Lock flag, etc).

Operator Flagsedit

Operator flags are located along on the left edge and bottom edge of a Node in the Network Editor.

Flags are also visible in a network's "Table View": Press "T" in the network to go to/from Table View. It shows nodes in a table format, where the complete set of flags is visible on the columns.

Flags are not parameters and therefore changing a flag does not in itself cause a node to cook. You cannot export to a flag.

Some flags are specific to certain operator families, like the Render flag for 3d Geometry operators.

All flags are set using, for example, op('nodename').lock = True.

To program in Python all common operator flags, see the Flags section in: PythonIcon.png OP_Class, and the classes for each operator family.

Flags on all Nodesedit

  • Viewer - turns on the data viewer in the center of the node.
  • Viewer Active - makes the viewer interactive so you can inspect the node's output data further, or operate a panel.
  • Lock - the data the node outputs is frozen in memory (and saved in the .toe .tox)
  • Bypass - the first input is passed directly to the output. Bypass on a component causes all nodes inside it to be bypassed.
  • Cooking - on a component, will cause nodes inside not to cook.
  • Immune - a node inside a clone can be immune from cloning.
  • Current - the node is the current node in a network
  • Selected - the node is one of the selected nodes in a network.
  • Expose - the node can be hidden from view in a network.
  • Python - a flag that sets the language of the content of a node to be Python (the default). Visible on the Parameter Dialog only.

Flags on 3D Object componentsedit

  • Render - if off, the object will not be seen in any render of the Render TOP or Render Pass TOP.
  • Display - if off, the object will not be seen in any camera viewer.
  • Pickable - if off, the object will not be selectable in 3D Geometry Viewers or the SOP Editor.

Flags on CHOPsedit

  • Export - if off, nothing is exported from that CHOP.

Flags on SOPsedit

  • Compare - displays the SOP's input geometry as a green wireframe for comparisons.
  • Template - displays the SOP as templated geometry in 3D viewers. The grey wireframe template is not selectable or editable.