File Types

TouchDesigner can import and export most common media file formats. Files can be loaded into TouchDesigner by:

  • Drag-and-Drop: Drag a file directly into TouchDesigner and drop it to automatically create an OP or a component.
  • Open With... menu: Right-click on a TouchDesigner supported file in Windows and select Open With...->TouchDesigner 0xx to launch TouchDesigner with the file pre-loaded.
  • Load a file using Operators like Movie File In TOP, File In CHOP, File In SOP, Audio File In CHOP. Files can be loaded from disk or from the web using http://file-url.
  • Start TouchDesigner using the operating system shell command touchdesigner filename.ext, which will start TouchDesigner with your file pre-loaded.

Native TouchDesigner Filesedit

TouchDesigner has three native files types:

  • .toe: TouchDesigner Environment files are the default file type for creating projects.
  • .tox: TouchDesigner Component files let you save out components. .tox files enable the re-use and portability of component libraries.
  • .tog: TouchDesigner Geometry files are exports of other geometry types in a native TouchDesigner format.

Files Importededit

File Type Supported Extensions Operator Type
Image .tif .tiff .bmp .gif .hdr .jpeg .jpg .pic .png .swf .tga .dds .exr .dpx .ffs Movie File In TOP
Movie .m4v .mkv .mov .mp4 .hsp .notchlc .mpeg .mpg .avi .flv .m2ts .wmv .h265 .vp8 .vp9 .3gp .mxf .ts .r3d Movie File In TOP
Point Cloud .obj .ply .exr .xyz .pts .csv .txt .fits/.fit(astronomy format) Point File In TOP
Audio .aif .aiff .wav .mp3 .flac .ogg .m4a .avi .flv .m2ts .m4v .mkv .mov .mp4 .mpeg .mpg .mts .wmv .3gp .mxf .ts .r3d Audio File In CHOP, Audio Play CHOP, File In CHOP
Geometry and Scene .usd, .usda, usdc, .usdz .fbx .obj .3ds .dxf .dae .abc USD COMP, FBX COMP, Geometry COMP, File In SOP, Alembic SOP
Shader .glsl .frag .vert, geometry shaders Text DAT
Channel (Houdini) .bchan .bclip .chan .clip File In CHOP
Geometry (Houdini) .bhclassic .hclassic File In SOP
MIDI .mid .midi MIDI In CHOP
Script .bat .cmd .txt Text DAT
Table .csv .dat Table DAT
Font .ttf .otf Text COMP, Geo Text COMP

The Movie File In TOP also supports audio embedded in a movie. Tip: Tie an Audio Movie CHOP to the Movie File In TOP to get the audio, then an Audio Device Out CHOP to play it. An Info CHOP attached to either operator gives extra inside info.

Files Exportededit

File Type Supported Extensions Operator Type or Dialog
Image .tif .tiff .jpeg .jpg .bmp .exr .png .dds File -> Create Movie, RMB menu
Movie .mov .mp4 .hap .notchlc .h265 .vp8 .vp9 Movie File Out TOP, File -> Create Movie
Audio .aif .aiff .wav Save File on RMB menu
Project .toe File -> Save Env
Component and Scene .tox File -> Save, RMB menu components
Channel .bchan .bclip .chan .clip File Out CHOP, RMB menu
Geometry .tog .bhclassic .fbx RMB menu
Shader .frag .glsl .vert Phong MAT
Script .py .html .md .dat .rtf .tsv .txt .xml RMB menu
Table .dat RMB menu