File In CHOP


The File In CHOP reads in channel and audio files for use by CHOPs. The file can be read in from disk or from the web. Use http:// when specifying a URL.

Valid Formats

For a complete listing of all valid formats for CHOPs, see the File Types section. The types of files that can be read into CHOPs include:

  • .chan - Raw ASCII channel files; a row of numbers per frame. The channels are named automatically.
  • .clip .bclip - Touch native CHOP clip files.
  • .aiff - Audio files.
  • .wav - Audio files.

Outputting Channel Files

The same files can be output from the RMB menu on the CHOP by selecting Save Data Channels.

Other Input Devices

For MIDI files (.mid or .midi), see the MIDI In CHOP.


Parameters - File In Page

Channel File file - The name of the file to load. Use http:// when specifying a URL.  

Name Options nameoption - - Use this menu to control the names of the loaded channels.

  • Use Names In File infile - Use the channel names stored in the file.
  • Use New Names new - Use the name specified in the Name parameter.
  • Use Filename filename - Use the filename as the name for the loaded channels.

Name name - Used to name the channels when the Name Options parameter is set to Use New Names.  

Rate Options rateoption - - Use this menu to adjust the sample rate of the loaded channels.

  • No Change nochange - The sample rate is taken from the file.
  • Override override - The sample rate is set to the number in the Sample Rate parameter, but the channels in the file are not resampled.
  • Resample resample - Resamples at the specified Sample Rate. Takes the channels and the sample rate found in the file, and resamples it to the desired sample rate. This prevents very large arrays from being used in memory unnecessarily.

Sample Rate rate - Samples per second, as utilized by the Rate Options parameter.  

Extend Left left - - The left extend conditions (before/after range).

  • No Change asis -
  • Hold hold -
  • Slope slope -
  • Cycle cycle -
  • Mirror mirror -
  • Default Value default -

Extend Right right - - The right extend conditions (before/after range).

  • No Change asis -
  • Hold hold -
  • Slope slope -
  • Cycle cycle -
  • Mirror mirror -
  • Default Value default -

Default Value defval - The default value for extend conditions.  

Rename from renamefrom - The channel pattern to rename. See Pattern Matching.  

Rename to renameto - The replacement pattern for the names. The default parameters do not rename the channels. See Pattern Replacement.  

Value Override Pattern overridpattern - Scopes channels to apply the Override Value to.  

Override Value overridevalue - The value given to channels scope by the Value Override Pattern parameter above.  

Refresh refresh -  

Refresh Pulse refreshpulse -  

Parameters - Common Page

Time Slice timeslice - Turning this on forces the channels to be "Time Sliced". A Time Slice is the time between the last cook frame and the current cook frame.  

Scope scope - To determine which channels get affected, some CHOPs use a Scope string on the Common page.  

Sample Rate Match srselect - - Handle cases where multiple input CHOPs' sample rates are different. When Resampling occurs, the curves are interpolated according to the Interpolation Method Option, or "Linear" if the Interpolate Options are not available.

  • Resample At First Input's Rate first - Use rate of first input to resample others.
  • Resample At Maximum Rate max - Resample to the highest sample rate.
  • Resample At Minimum Rate min - Resample to the lowest sample rate.
  • Error If Rates Differ err - Doesn't accept conflicting sample rates.

Export Method exportmethod - - This will determine how to connect the CHOP channel to the parameter. Refer to the Export article for more information.

  • DAT Table by Index datindex - Uses the docked DAT table and references the channel via the index of the channel in the CHOP.
  • DAT Table by Name datname - Uses the docked DAT table and references the channel via the name of the channel in the CHOP.
  • Channel Name is Path:Parameter autoname - The channel is the full destination of where to export to, such has geo1/transform1:tx.

Export Root autoexportroot - This path points to the root node where all of the paths that exporting by Channel Name is Path:Parameter are relative to.  

Export Table exporttable - The DAT used to hold the export information when using the DAT Table Export Methods (See above).  

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