Face Track SOP


The Face Track SOP provides accesses to the fitted face mesh generated by the Face Track CHOP. It can either be uploaded directly to the GPU for rendering or passed along to other SOPs for further modification. By default, the mesh is pre-transformed to align with the source face of the input image (x, y positions equal image u,v positions). However, you can also disable the pre-transform which will leave the fitted mesh at the origin in the original scale. The mesh can still be aligned with the image using the tx, ty, rx, etc channels of the Face Track CHOP.

Note: To use this feature you will need to provide a compatible 3D morphable face mesh file in Nvidia 'nvf' format to the 'Mesh File' parameter of the Face Track CHOP. This file does not ship with TouchDesigner, but instructions on creating one are provided on the Face Track CHOP page.


Parameters - Face Track Page

Face Track CHOP chop - The path to the Face Track CHOP that generates the mesh.

Direct to GPU directtogpu - When active, the mesh will be transferred directly to the GPU. This method is much faster, but does not allow it to be transformed further by additional SOPs.

Pre-Transform Mesh pretransform - The fitted mesh will be transformed to align with the input image that was used to create the mesh. When disabled, the mesh will be positioned at the origin at its original scale.

Compute Normals normals - Enable to automatically generate smooth vertex normals for the face mesh.