Experimental:Annotate COMP


Create an Annotate COMP by holding Alt and left-click dragging out a box in the network.

Alternately right-click in the network and select from the menu Annotate, or the shortcut Shift-a.

Text-only post-it notes ("Comments") are Shift-c, plain "Network Box" (no viewers) Shift-b.

Annotate Viewers

Annotate is full-featured in that it supports embedded viewers. Viewers can be any OP Type including CHOP and DAT viewers (CHOP/SOP temporarily broken, sorry). Just drop the OP into the OP parameter on the Viewer page.

The Viewer Size and Justify parameters let you position the viewer in the annotate box, at the same time as you can have text in body of Annotate.

The Viewer Size parameter gives you great control over the detail of your CHOP, DAT, SOP viewers.

Once you have the viewer set up, you can turn on the OP Viewer Interactive flag so you can interact with the viewer after you lock the Annotate (top-right).

The viewer can fill the entire annotate area or just the body text area via the Cover Body and Title parameter.

Annotate Features

Once you lock annotates (top-right icon of box), you can only drag the titles, and elsewhere the standard network right-click menu is operational.

When editing the text in the body, you can limit the width of the text area using the Limit Body Text Width parameter. The Body Word Wrap parameter fits text without truncating.

You can put annotates (and Comments and Network Boxes) inside annotates and they get dragged together.

Annotates are layered generally so smaller boxes are in front of larger boxes, but you have more control with the Depth Layer parameter.

Annotates are positioned behind the grid, but you can put them in front of the grid, or even on top of the nodes tiles. For example, put an image with transparency in the Viewer OP and turn Back Color Alpha to 0, then set Layer Zone to be Above Nodes.

Getting inside Annotate: (1) Box-select it, rclick on network, "Jump Down" (no shortcut), (2) find it via the path bar at the top of the network.