Deform SOP


The Deform SOP takes geometry along with point weights (assigned by the Capture SOP) and deforms geometry as Capture Regions are moved. This gives you the flexibility to procedurally modify geometry between the Capture and Deform SOPs.

See also Deforming Geometry (Skinning).


Parameters - Page

Group group - Optional point and/or primitive group to be deformed. Accepts patterns, as described in Pattern Matching.

Delete Capture Attributes delcaptatr - The point capture attributes can significantly increase the memory usage of the geometry. This option will delete the point capture attributes after it deforms the geometry in order to save memory for any subsequent SOPs.

Delete Point Colors delcolatr - You may find that you are using point coloring from the Capture SOP to assist in the capturing process. If you do not need these point colors after the Deform SOP, you can turn this parameter on to delete the colors.

Deform Normals donormal - Turn this on to deform the normals as the geometry deforms.

Skeleton Root Path skelrootpath - Specify the path to the root of the skeleton.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0 -

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