Converting a License


Users can upgrade their license for the difference in cost between license types. TouchPlayer licenses can not be converted to TouchDesigner licenses or vice versa.

TouchDesigner Converting
License Type Converting to Cost
Educational Commercial $300 USD
Commercial Pro $1,600 USD

TouchPlayer Converting
License Type Converting to Cost
Commercial Pro $500 USD

Update Datesedit

Upgrading a license does not include additional update dates. The license will retain the same update date as the license being converted. Users are encouraged to purchase and apply updates before converting as the cost of updates increases with each upgraded license type.

TouchDesigner Updates
Educational Commercial Pro
$150 USD $300 USD $400 USD


Can I downgrade my license at a future date?edit

Downgrading is not offered at this time. Derivative offers a 30-day return policy. If you have purchased the wrong license type, please disable the license key, and then contact our sales team:

I forgot to buy updates. Can I have a discount?edit

If you purchased and converted your license within the last 30 days, a one time automatic discount can be added to your account to allow you to purchase updates for the original license type price. (ie. Educational to Commercial, updates $150 USD.) This request must be made within 30 days of the date of conversion. Please email our sales team to request this discount code be added to your account:

Are there discounts for converting multiple licenses?edit

Volume Discounts are only available for TouchPlayer and TouchDesigner Educational purchases. See our Volume Discounts page for more details.