Cache SOP


The Cache SOP collects its input geometry in a cache for faster random-access playback of multiple SOPs. It should be used when cook times for a chain of SOPs is long and a quicker playback is needed.

Once cached, the geometries can be accessed in any order. This is advantageous to a 2D flipbook or scene render since the geometry is still fully 3-Dimensional. The upshot being that you can scrub otherwise sluggish animations in real time because things are precomputed and stored in a cache.


Parameters - Page

Active active - While On, this node will cache a single snapshot of it's input's geometry each cook.

Pre-Fill prefill - Cooks 'Cache Size' number of times to fill the Cache SOP with geometry. When set > 0, it will fill the cache. If set > 0 during playback, it will fill immediately. If set > 0 and saved out, then next time the file is opened the cache will pre-fill. While this is > 0, the node behaves as if the 'On' parameter is 0. If set to 0, then back > 0, it will clear the previous data, and pre-fill again. For more information refer to the Pre-Filling article.

Cache Size cachesize - The size of the cache.

Step Size step - The number of frames that the node will cook before it caches another geometry. When set to 1, it will cache every cook, when set to 2, it will cache every two cooks, etc.

Output Index outputindex - Determines which cached geometry to output. 0 is the most recent cached geometry. Valid values are between 0 and cachesize - 1.

Cache Points Only cachepoints - Store a single topology for the first cached geometry and only point data for the remaining geometries.

Blend Position blendpos - Interpolate points between geometries.

Reset reset - When On, clears out all of the cached geometry.

Reset Pulse resetpulse - Instantly clears out all of the cached geometry.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0 -

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