COMP Panel Page

Parameters - Panel Page

The Panel parameter page controls panel attributes such as display on/off, enable on/off, panel help, and interactions with the cursor.

Display display - Specifies if the panel is displayed or hidden.

Enable enable - Allows you to prevent all interaction with this panel.

Help DAT helpdat - Lets you specify the path to a Text DAT whose content will be displayed as a rollover pop-up help for the control panel.

Floating Viewer Aspect vieweraspect - - Controls whether the aspect ratio is proportional or unconstrained when resizing a floating viewer ie. dragging the edges of the viewer to resize it.

  • Proportional proportional -
  • Unconstrained unconstrained -

Cursor cursor - - Changes the cursor displayed when cursor is over the panel.

  • Normal Select pointer -
  • Link Select linkselect -
  • Text Select ibeam -
  • Precision Select cross -
  • Busy busy -
  • Activate activate -
  • Invisible invisible -

Multi-Touch multitouch - - When enabled, this panel will process the first touch it gets in a similar manner to how it processes a mouse click, with updates to u, v, state etc. The touch event must be initiated from the panel. Subsequent touches are ignored. If this panel handles multi-touch events via the Multi Touch In DAT, you may want to disable Built-in Multi-Touch so it won't interfere with script processing.

  • Use Parent's Multi-Touch Settings mtouchparent - Use the parent's Multi-Touch setting. This defaults to enabled in the root component.
  • Use Built-in Multi-Touch mtouchyes - Enable use of first touch as mouse.
  • Do Not Use Built-in Multi-Touch mtouchno - Disable use of first touch as mouse.

Constrain Cursor constraincursor - Constrains the cursor to this panel, keeping it inside once it enters.

Click Through clickthrough - When enabled all mouse clicks are ignored by this Panel Component.

Use Mouse Wheel mousewheel - Turn on to capture events when the mouse wheel is used over the panel.

Mouse UV Buttons uvbuttons - - Allows you to specify which mouse buttons update the uv Panel Values.

  • Left uvbuttonsleft -
  • Middle uvbuttonsmiddle -
  • Right uvbuttonsright -

Relative UV mouserel - When enabled the uv Panel Values will reflect relative mouse movement.

Drag Edges to Resize resize - - Four checkboxes allow you to enable resizing a panel by grabbing the corresponding edge or corner: Resize Left, Right, Bottom, Top.

  • L resizel -
  • R resizer -
  • B resizeb -
  • T resizet -

W Range resizew - - Limits the left-right (width) resizing range.

  • resizewmin -
  • resizewmax -

H Range resizeh - - Limits the bottom-top (height) resizing range.

  • resizehmin -
  • resizehmax -

Drag to Reposition reposition - - Enables repositioning of the panel or window by dragging with the mouse.

  • Off off -
  • Window window -
  • Component component -

Component repocomp - Enabled by choosing the Component option from the Reposition parameter. Specify the path to the panel component you would like to reposition by mouse.

X Range repositionx - - Enabled by choosing the Component option from the Reposition parameter. Sets the maximum range for repositioning the panel component horizontally.

  • repositionxmin -
  • repositionxmax -

Y Range repositiony - - Enabled by choosing the Component option from the Reposition parameter. Sets the maximum range for repositioning the panel component vertically.

  • repositionymin -
  • repositionymax -

Anchor Drag anchordrag - - When Drag To Reposition parameter is set to Component, and the panel's Horizontal Mode and/or Vertical Mode is set to Anchors, this menu determines whether drag-to-reposition actions change Anchor values or Offset values.

  • Anchors anchors - Drag-to-reposition actions change Anchor parameter values
  • Offsets offsets - Drag-to-reposition actions change Offset parameter values

Scroll Overlay scrolloverlay - - Controls whether the panel is affected by scrollbar position. This allows the creation of panel overlays that aren't affected by the panel's scrollbars.

  • Off off - Scrollbar affects panel normally.
  • Ignore ignore - Panel will not move when scrollbar is moved. Panel depth is determined by Depth Layer parameter normally.
  • Ignore and Draw Over ignoreover - Panel will not move when scrollbar is moved. Panel is drawn over scrollbars and sibling panels.