The Box SOP creates cuboids. These can be used as geometries by themselves, or they can be sub-divided for use with the Lattice SOP.

If it has an input then it will create a box that bounds the incoming geometry. Otherwise, the parameters determine the size and location of the box.


Parameters - Page

Orient Bounds orientbounds - Available only when an input is connected to the Box SOP to set bounds for the box. When Orient Bounds = On it will rotate the geometry to match the orientation of the input SOP used for bounds.

Modify Bounds modifybounds - Available only when an input is connected to the Box SOP to set bounds for the box. When Modify Bounds = On to enable the transform parameters below to further modify the position and scale of the bounds.

Size size - - Size of the Box or Cube along the X, Y, and Z axes.

  • X sizex -
  • Y sizey -
  • Z sizez -

Center t - - These X,Y, and Z Values determine where the center of the Box is located.

  • X tx -
  • Y ty -
  • Z tz -

Scale s - Adjusts the uniform scale of the box.

Use Divisions dodivs - If checked, it divides the box into the number of Divisions specified below. Boxes divided in this way do not appear when rendered because the Divisions consist of open polygons.

Divisions divs - - The number of divisions in X, Y, and Z to split this Box into.

  • X divsx -
  • Y divsy -
  • Z divsz -

Enforcement Bars rebar - Places four diagonal crossbars in each division of the Box.

Consolidate Corner Points consolidatepts - Merges the corner points together. Instead of the box being composed of 6 separate faces (resulting in 4 points per corner and a total of 24 points), the corner points are merged together and the box is composed of 8 points.

Texture Coordinates texture - - Determines how the texture coordinates are applied to the box.

  • Off off -
  • Box Inside boxinside -
  • Face Inside faceinside -
  • Cube Map Inside cubemapinside -
  • Box Outside boxoutside -
  • Face Outside faceoutside -
  • Cube Map Outside cubemapoutside -

Compute Normals normals - Checking this option on will compute surface normals.


To create boxes.

You can use the points as an input geometry for the Lattice and Spring SOPs.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0 -

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