A list of TouchDesigner books both online and printed.

TouchDesigner Introduction to GLSLedit

Author: Davide Santini

A great new book on writing shaders for TouchDesigner. Available on Amazon: TouchDesigner Introduction to GLSL

"Complete with examples, images, code snippets, and project files, this easily accessible guide is the perfect coding companion for new users as well as for professionals, giving you new tools for confidently entering the shader world."

An Introduction to TouchDesigneredit


Author: Elburz Sorkhabi

An excellent resource to get introduced to the fundamentals of TouchDesigner. The book is accompanied by video tutorials and example project files all available from the book home page link below. Elburz has also made the book open source to spur updates and involvement from the community.

Available in English and Japanese here:

日本語 Introduction to TouchDesigneredit

A Japanese translation for chapters 0-8 of An Introduction to TouchDesigner by Elburz Sorkhabi.

Multimedia Programming Using Max/MSP and TouchDesigneredit

Multimedia Programming Using TouchDesigner.jpg

Author Patrik Lechner

A step-by-step guide to designing, building, and refining immersive audio-visual applications and performance environments using Max and TouchDesigner.

Available in electronic or printed form here: