TouchDesigner supports AJA devices in both the Video Device In TOP and the Video Device Out TOP.

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Kona 5.png

As of the writing of this article, the devices that have been tested in house are the Corvid88, Corvid44, Kona 5, Kona 4, Kona 3G, Kona HDMI and the iO 4K. Other devices will likely work as well. If any AJA device does not work please contact and we can try to get one in-house to fix any issues.

GPU Direct For Video Supportedit

With the switch to Vulkan we are able to achieve similar performance via Vulkan features directly using something called Pinned Memory. This works on most GPUs (even non-Quadros), so GPU Direct For Video support is no longer needed.

Corvid Card Driversedit

Although the AJA website does not make this clear, Corvid cards use the same drivers as the Kona cards. So downloading the latest Kona drivers should enable Corvid cards on your system.