NatNet In CHOP

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The NatNet In CHOP is used to receive tracking data over the network data from OptiTrack systems. Currently the only data that is received is Rigid Body data.

PythonIcon.png natnetinCHOP_Class

Parameters - NatNet In Page

Active active - While on, the CHOP receives information, while off no updating occurs.

Connection Type connectiontype - Set this to the connection mode the server is set to.

  • Multicast
  • Unicast

Network Address netaddress - The computer name or IP address of the server computer. You can use an IP address (e.g. or the computer's network name can be used directly. If you put "localhost", it means the other end of the pipe is on the same computer. When using Multicast mode this should still be set to the server's address, not the multicast address. The server will negotiate the multicast address with the client and make it connect to it automatically.

Local Address localaddress - In cases where your computer has multiple network cards and IP address, this tells the node which local IP address to bind to for it's communication. For example say you have a WIFI connection whose IP address is and a ethernet connection whose IP address is If you want the node to communicate over the WIFI you can put or 192.168.0.* into this parameter. If you want the node to communicate via the ethernet you'd set this to or 24.100.200.* (or even 24.100.*.* etc.). Systems with a single network connection can leave this parameter blank.

Command Port commandport - The command network port of the server.

Data Port dataport - The data port of the server.

Rate rate - The rate at which the data should be queried.

Reset resetpulse - Reset the data in this node.