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The Keyframe CHOP uses channel and keys data in an Animation COMP and creates channels of samples at a selectable sample rate (frames per second).

See also: Animation COMP and Animation Editor

The Keyframe CHOP lets you access the keyframed channel data inside an Animation component. The Animation CHOP allows the channels to be played back with the global frame or seconds index. It can be synced to the internal global beat clock, a specified index, or based on a timing or lookup channel sent into the input. It outputs all channels - either as a single sample or an entire start/end range.

To create/edit/delete keyframed channels, create an Animation COMP and open the Animation Editor by right-clicking on the component and selecting Edit Keyframes... from the pop-up menu. Inside the Animation component a Keyframe CHOP will be outputting the channels created in the editor.

Adding an input to the Keyframe CHOP now acts as a lookup index. In addition it outputs a proper Time Slice if its input is a Time Slice.

The lookup cycles through all the input channels, though only 1 is necessary.

PythonIcon.png keyframeCHOP_Class

Parameters - Keyframe Page

Animation Component /animation - The path to the Animation Component holding the channel and key data.

Sample Rate /rate - The sample rate of the channels, in samples per second.

Extend Left / Extend Right /left /right - The left and right extend conditions (before/after range).

Default Value /defval - The default value for extend conditions.

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See Also