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Hers a collection of tutorials to help you get the most out of TouchDesigner. Some tutorials in Japaneses are here: TouchDesigner Japan

First Things to Know about TouchDesigner

This tutorial (updated March and May 2016) will quickly show you how to get around the interface and give you an overview of TouchDesigner concepts. It won't tell you WHY you need to know this stuff, it will tell you the fundamentals of WHAT you need to know. You can also read it - the full May 2016 transcript here.

First Things to Know Part 1

First Things to Know Part 2

Workshop Videos

We recommend the Best of the Best videos. A full list of all the workshop video recordings is also available here: Education/WorkshopVideos.

Best of the Best TouchDesigner Workshops

The most current cream of the crop from Derivative-held workshops, lovingly selected from the workshops below.

Norway 2016 Workshop

The latest TouchDesigner videos, recorded at Smart Simulation in Halden, Norway in January 2016. from the Norway 2016 Workshop led by Ben Voigt, Markus Heckmann and Greg Hermanovic of Derivative.

West Coast 2016 Workshops

Some intermediate videos from the TouchDesigner West Coast 2016 Workshops. See in particular Instancing & Rendering Techniques with Matthew Ragan.

Toronto 2014 Workshop

Some unique videos from this session, particularly Disintegrator using the Timer CHOP, and Instancing with the Event CHOP.

MUTEK 2015 Workshop

TouchDesigner videos from the MUTEK 2015 Workshop.

MUTEK EM15 2014 Workshop

A comprehensive set of TouchDesigner videos from the MUTEK EM15 Workshop in 2014 led by Ben Voigt of Derivative, with Markus Heckmann, Greg Hermanovic, Barry Threw and Mary Franck.

MUTEK 2012 Workshop

Six hours of video in 18 parts from the TouchDesigner MUTEK 2012 Workshop led by Steve Mason of Obscura Digital. The workshop's focus was on the practicalities of production, designed for people at the beginner level who want to make TouchDesigner their professional production tool.

Resonate 2013 Workshop

Three hours of video in 9 parts from the TouchDesigner Resonate 2013 Workshop led by Dmitry Napolnov (Sila Sveta), Barry Threw (Obscura Digital) and Markus Heckmann (Derivative). The workshop revealed an enormous amount of production tips, with a focus on two distinct approaches to audio-reactive, preparing compositing and effects, through to projection mapping on a pile of boxes.

User-Contributed Tutorials

NEW!! Matthew Ragan's Make Some Noise Workshop 2017

A reconstruction of Matthew's Make Some Noise Workshop at Obscura Digital in April 2017, plus a bonus technique.

Matthew Ragan's TouchDesigner Tutorials

A fabulous practical look at using TouchDesigner, over 100 topics.

Ian Shelanskey's TouchDesigner Tutorials

A growing set of extremely useful tutorials including "Twitter in TouchDesigner".

Dr. Indae Hwang's TouchDesigner Video Exercises

A wide range of animated graphical design approaches and general TouchDesigner techniques with .toe file downloads.

Jarrett Smith's 3D Techniques Tutorial

Workflows for 3D rendering and compositing.

TouchDesigner Concepts and Python by Jessica Palmer

An easy-to-follow birds' eye view of the ideas and structure of TouchDesigner, and how Python is deeply integrated in TouchDesigner empowering both experienced and new python programmers.

Peter Walker Sexy Phong

Learn all the controls of the Phong material in TouchDesigner (and it also applies to the PBR material), including multi-colorbuffer rendering.

VR Development Environment

Jarrett Smith's Best Practices for VR and TouchDesigner in general.

NEW! Scott Pagano Online Course at

(a paid-for course) Learn to create beautiful-looking imagery with an end-to-end production workflow that includes real-time 2D and 3D rendering, importing FBX assets, recording movies, controlling via an iPad and using TouchDesigner in VR (using Jarrett's Smith's VR framework).

Maotik Workflow using TouchDesigner with Ableton

Watch Maotik's workflow while developing visuals alongside Ableton Live. From a Master Class at Projection Week, Norway 2016. Full of useful techniques.

Grady Sain's TouchDesigner OP Tutorials

A resource for technical artists that explains individual operators via videos with detailed transcriptions.

Alex Czetwertynski's Videos

Here are some practical workflows and techniques with TouchDesigner.

ELburz Sorkhabi Sessions

TouchInNYC at Live X, [ video 2]

Josh Michael's TouchDesigner for Absolute Beginners

A glance in.

TouchDesigner Tips

TouchDesigner Tips are short articles that describe how to accomplish common tasks in TouchDesigner.

Basics Tutorials

NOTE: These tutorials are based on TouchDesigner 077 and there are significant differences.

Introduction to the Operators

The Operator Families.

Operators Overview

Introduction To TOPs

Introduction To CHOPs

Introduction To SOPs

Introduction To DATs

Additional Topics

NOTE: These tutorials are based on TouchDesigner 077 and there are significant differences.

Sweet 16 CHOPs

This series of videos gives an overview of the Sweet 16 CHOPs.

The Animation Editor

A brief introduction to the Animation Editor and keyframe animation in TouchDesigner.

Ways to Generate Triggers and Cause Actions

Shows a variety of ways to create event triggers in TouchDesigner. Discusses how to create triggers using CHOPs, control panels, and scripts. Also includes sections on controlling movie playback with timing curves and triggers.

Time Slicing

An in-depth look at CHOP sample ranges and CHOPs most powerful feature, Time Slicing!

Using an iPhone with TouchDesigner

This video show you how to connect an iPhone, iPod, or iPad to TouchDesigner through OSC. The iOS app TouchOSC is used in this tutorial but any OSC-capable application can communicate with TouchDesigner using these techniques.

...In About 5 Minutes

This series of classic tutorials from Russ Haines show you how to make something in TouchDesigner in about 5 minutes.

NOTE: These tutorials are based on TouchDesigner 077 and there are significant differences.

Create a Warping Smiley Face

Create a basic image warp.

Character Animation via OSC

Add animation using OSC and an iPhone/iPod.

Geometry Instancing on the GPU

Use geometry instancing on the GPU to make an army of smiley faces.

Import Geometry and Add Material

Geometry is imported and a material and texture are applied.

Augmented Reality Light

3D lighting is to add augmented reality effect to the mask projection.

TouchDesigner 077 Tutorials

Tutorials that were made in earlier editions of TouchDesigner.