Audio Movie CHOP

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The Audio Movie CHOP plays the audio of a movie file that is played back with a Movie File In TOP. Make the Audio Movie TOP point to a Movie File In TOP via the Movie File In TOP parameter.

PythonIcon.png audiomovieCHOP_Class

Parameters - Movie Audio Page

Play /play - Audio playback is enabled when this is set to On. No audio output when Off.

Movie File In TOP /movieintop - Put the path of a Movie File In TOP in this parameter. The file named in the Movie File In TOP will be the source for the audio.

Pre-read Length /prereadlength - Use to read-ahead the audio into cache. You can specify in samples, frames and in seconds using the Units menu.

Open Timeout /opentimeout - The amount of time TouchDesigner will wait for the audio samples to be read from the movie file. On file opening, if this timeout period is reached and the read-ahead has not finished, the audio will be output as zeros until all the pre-read samples have been read from the file.

Audio Sync Offset /syncoffset - Offsets the audio playback of the movie. This can be used to get better sync between the audio and images in the movie when there is audio latency in the system (For example, audio latency from the Audio Device Out CHOP queue).