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The Audio File In CHOP reads audio from files on disk or at http:// addresses. File types .mp3, .aif, .aiff, .au, and .wav files are supported. It always outputs time sliced audio data. If you want to record the data, use a Record CHOP or Movie File Out TOP.

See Audio Movie CHOP for reading from movie files. See OSC In CHOP for receiving audio streams via OSC.

For large files the Audio File In CHOP streams the file from disk so loading the entire file into memory is not needed.

  • It streams files from disk and from http: locations (latter copies to local disk first) - It only keeps a few seconds in memory at a time.
  • The supported audio files are .mp3 .aif .aiff .wav and other audio formats.
  • It also plays audio-only from any movie files that TouchDesigner supports, like .mov, .mpg .mp4. See also the Audio Movie CHOP for playing audio from movie files in sync with their video.
  • Audio files can be dragged/dropped onto TouchDesigner, double-clicked (if preferred), and RMB Open With... TouchDesigner.

PythonIcon.png audiofileinCHOP_Class

Parameters - Audio File In Page

File file - path of source.

Play play - audio will playback when this is set to 1 and stop when set to 0.

Play Mode playmode - Specifies the method used to playback the audio, there are 3 options.

  • Locked to Timeline - This mode locks the playback position to the timeline. Scrubbing or jumping in the timeline will change the song position accordingly. The parameters Play, Reset, Speed, and Index are disabled in this mode since the timeline is directly tied to playback position.
  • Specify Index - This mode allows the user to specify a particular position in the song using the Index parameter below. Use this mode for random access to any location in the audio stream.
  • Sequential - This mode continually plays regardless of the timeline position (the Index parameter is disabled). Reset and Speed parameters below are enabled to allow some control.

Speed speed - This is a speed multiplier which only works when Play Mode is Sequential. A value of 1 is the default playback speed. A value of 2 is double speed, 0.5 is half speed and so on. This node can not play audio backwards so negative values will not work well.

Cue cue - jumps to Cue Point when set to 1. Only available when Play Mode is Sequential.

Cue Point cuepoint - Set any index in the song as a point to jump to.

Index index - This parameter explicitly sets the song position when Play Mode is set to Specify Index. The units menu on the right lets you specify the index in the following units: Index, Frames, or Seconds.

Repeat repeat - Repeats the audio stream when the end is reached.

Trim trim - Enables the Trim parameters below.

Trim Start tstart - Sets an In point from the beginning of the audio, allowing you to trim the starting position of the audio stream. The units menu on the right let you specify this position by index, frames, or seconds.

Trim End tend - Sets an Out point from the end of the audio, allowing you to trim the ending position of the audio stream. The units menu on the right let you specify this position by index, frames, or seconds.

Pre-read Length tend - The amount of audio to buffer to maintain smooth playback.

Open Timeout timeout - The time (in milliseconds) TouchDesigner will wait for the audio file to open. If the Open Timeout time is reached, the Audio File In CHOP will stop waiting, and play silence. If the file still isn't opened the next time the CHOP cooks, it'll wait again, and do the same. It'll keep doing this until the file is opened, or the open fails.

Mono mono - Output mono channel only even if file has multiple channels.

Volume volume - Set the level the file is read in at. A setting of 1 is full signal while 0 is muted.


See also File Types