Audio Band EQ CHOP

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The Audio Band EQ CHOP is a 16-band equalizer which filters audio input channels in the same way that a conventional band (graphic) equalizer uses a bank of sliders to filter fixed-frequency bands of sound.

The CHOP has 16 bands from 25 Hz to 22 kHz with one parameter per band. The bandwidth per band is approximately half the frequency between the prior and next bands.

See Audio Filter CHOP, Audio Para EQ CHOP, Audio Dynamics CHOP, Audio Spectrum CHOP

PythonIcon.png audiobandeqCHOP_Class

Parameters - Low Page (25 Hz - 590 Hz)

25 Hz /band1 - Controls boost/cut centered at 25 Hz.

40 Hz - 590 Hz - Controls boost/cut at the 40 60, 90, 150, 240 370 590 Hz bands.

Parameters - High Page (930 Hz - 22 KHz)

930 Hz - 22 KHz bands - 930 Hz, and 1.5, 2.5, 3.6, 5.6, 8.9, 14, 22 KHz bands.

Parameters - Common Page

Scope - The filter effect can be limited to only some of the channels by placing their channel names here, e.g. chan1 chan3.

The python member .chanIndex can be used to apply a different parameter value for each channel.