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dynamixel servos control in TD

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dynamixel servos control in TD

Postby cod65 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:14 pm

Ive been trying to control these servos with Python thru TD, eventually got something to happen, but currently my interactivity becomes locked up and I have to force quit. I figure rather than pursue that I should ask around and try and get a feel for if Python is even the best approach. The SDK has a lot of stuff, but it's mostly beyond my skillset.( I can do Python, but not C or any of the other language examples available).

Maybe the best way would be to send raw hex directly out serial and forego the rest ?

Various people have tried to make various wrappers for Dynamixel, but since the product line has changed protocols a lot of the code is specific to older servos.

What is the best, most efficient approach to making a 'wrapper'(if that is the correct term) for TD inegration ?
Is most of the work done already ?

I'm working in Win64 ( 7 and 10), currently on 088

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