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Server for large screen , just image playback

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Server for large screen , just image playback

Postby kd0829 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:14 pm

I will buy a server for 5760 * 1080 movie clip playback.
I will have a total of four screen configurations, including three wxuga projectors and a control UI monitor.

Cpu: i7 7700K
Board: ASUS Z170-A iBORA
Ram: DDR4 16G PC4-17000 * 2ea
Gpu: GTX1080 8GB
Ssd: samsung 960 PRO M.2 2280 (512GB)

I will use the HAP codec, and the video will be about 5 minutes long.
I am not going to use datapath x4. It is a server for simple video playback.

There was no problem with the simple test.
But, I have a question and a little worry ... Should I use a quadro or a distribution device?

Server for simple video playback. I can not feel the difference of each gpu. (980, 1070, 1080, Quadro ....)
I would like your comments.
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Re: Server for large screen , just image playback

Postby elburz » Sat Apr 08, 2017 5:57 am

I say always go Quadro if you can. They guarantee stutter-free and tear-free playback only on the Quadros and you get some extra driver options for dealing with any issues you may have. But that guarantee is only if all the displays are exactly the same. I'd still be careful in your setup about the 3x projectors and the 1 control monitor, since that setup might tear and then you wouldn't have much recourse. Is it possible to setup the control UI on a separate less powerful system like a laptop or NUC/small form factor pc? Don't think you need a Datapath in this case anyways.

I can't fully tell from your specs, but it seems like you have 32gb of ram, which you probably wont need. 16GB will be more than enough for your purposes.

Samsung NVMe is quite nice. I'd also suggest just getting a separate 120gb SSD to hold the OS and put that on your SATA bus so that you know the NVMe is purely for media consumption.
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