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Camschnappr + Sweetspot setup export

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Camschnappr + Sweetspot setup export

Postby Diksn » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:26 am

Hello TD-Forums,

We just finished projector/camera calibration with camschnappr and set up a sweetspot for both projectors I'm using. We are projecting on a quite complex sculpture (organic and technical/artificial parts ~15k verts model) and the calibration + warping with sweetspot is working miraculously well! I got my transforms and projection/camera matrices from camschnappr, now i would like to match that setup in maya/c4d to apply prerendered animations. Does anyone of you know how to apply the projection matrix (camschnappr) from TD to Maya or C4D cams?

I've already set up a scene in maya where i calibrated the cams in relation to the real world projectors (calibration done in C4D) and estimated a sweetspot cam - I then made a camera based UV projection for my model and got a somehow correct warping of the applied 3D content as texture on the sculpture for my projector outputs. But i do not get near the quality of warping done in TD so I would prefer to port this setup, if possible, to maya.

Any help would be appreciated :)
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