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From Processing to Touchdesigner.

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From Processing to Touchdesigner.

Postby brackets » Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:51 pm


I'm learning Processing, and I find quite easy to understand , already making my first compositions.
A couple of questions:

-Coming from Processing, it's easy to understand Touchdesigner or it's a completely different paradigm?

-What it's the most similar Processing like workflow in Touchdesigner: -Using Python scripts for the logic, for loops and math, and using the Touchdesigner operators as the Api ?

I guess it's the workflow used in this video? :

i'm saying this because it's hard to me to read node based workflows, to much branches and hidden parameters in each node.

Kind regards from Spain!
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Re: From Processing to Touchdesigner.

Postby raganmd » Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:17 am

Hi brackets,

I'd say it's pretty different paradigm, but not difficult to dive into. Marcus at Derivative did a lovely port of many of the Generative Design examples from the Onformative book and they're posted here:
https://docs.derivative.ca/index.php?ti ... ive_Design

These should at least give you a touchstone between two different approaches.

It's worth knowing that CHOPs are largely C++ under the hood, and are the most efficient approach for many math based operations in Touch. TOPs are mostly shader code under the hood, and while Python has some amazing utility it's not ideal for operations that run every frame.

I'd reocmend giving NVoid's book a read:
https://nvoid.gitbooks.io/introduction- ... r/content/

If you're looking for a workshop I did one back at Yale in 2017:
https://matthewragan.com/touchdesigner- ... yale-2017/

This covers some of the more pragmatic pieces of the environment, as well as how to build something functional.

Are you looking to make something in particular, or just wanting to get a feel for another environment / tool?

Hope all is well!
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Re: From Processing to Touchdesigner.

Postby brackets » Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:14 pm


U make it very clear thank you.

The thing is that I like the Processing paradigm, but it's not very suitable for production, it's choppy and doesn't hold a healthy amount of fps when the scene it's complex.

Touchdesigner seems more appropiate for production, and it's an option I will consider in the future.

Kind Regards!!
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