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slide shows and 2D Texture Arrays

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slide shows and 2D Texture Arrays

Postby raganmd » Wed Jun 14, 2017 2:28 am

cross post from the help group

I've been doing a bit of slide show wrangling again and am always chasing a better approach. This could still be more efficient, but it's not terrible considering what I'm up to.

Big picture - you want to have two decks of slides (or it could just be a single deck of slides) that have a color filter applied randomly (in two different varieties). You need to be able to turn the filter on and off at will, and you need to be able to update the color filter applied to any selected textures in real time as well. This technique uses a texture 3D as a 2D array and a GLSL TOP to handle that task. Check the readme DATs to see where to make changes. Some notes are in the fragment shader as well.

in 088 and 099 flavors here:
https://github.com/raganmd/learningGLSL ... es_088.tox

https://github.com/raganmd/learningGLSL ... es_099.tox
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