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JACK - Setup to route audio to/from any ASIO application!

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JACK - Setup to route audio to/from any ASIO application!

Postby jmt4zj » Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:19 pm

Short technique, but I wanted to log this in the forum somewhere.

If you ever want to route to or from any ASIO program (like Ableton Live), JACK will do it (tested on Windows, not mac).

There's one trick - USE 32 BIT EVERYTHING!
If your Jack, TouchDesigner, and other programs are 32 bit versions, everything should work correctly with the following steps. (64 Bit versions of everything gives the following error message - "Warning: Audio driver not detected: ASIO2. Unable to initalize ASIO. :Open Error: is JACK server running?" )

1) Download 32bit TD, and the 32bit install of jack from http://www.jackaudio.org/.
2) Install Jack
3) Launch JackControl
4) In the setup menu, select the following options:
4a) Driver: PortAudio
4b) Frames + Sample rate to desired settings
4c) Click on the '>' dropdowns to the right of Input Device and Output Device and select your desired sound device
5) Press the Start button

If all goes well, you should start up and see an increasing timecode.

To add Touchdesigner:
6) Start TD 32Bit
7) Create Audio Device In or Out, and change Driver to ASIO and Device to JackRouter
8) Make sure your sample rate matches
9) Back in JackControl, press 'Connect'. You should now see 4 inputs and outputs under touchdesigner088 labels, and now the channels should be available in TouchDesigner.

If TouchDesigner / other programs fail to appear in the connection bay, you may need to manually register the .dll by opening cmd.exe and entering in the following:
regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Jack\32bits\JackRouter.dll"

10) Connect other programs with the 'Connect' Dialog!

If you want to edit the number of connections (defaults to 4 mono channels for both in and out), edit 'JackRouter.ini' in the 32bit folder of your jack installation accordingly.
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Re: JACK - Setup to route audio to/from any ASIO application

Postby ben » Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:02 pm

If you use 64-bit TouchDesigner are you finding issues with Jack? 099 does not have a 32-bit build...
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