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2 things, super simple but would be awesome

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2 things, super simple but would be awesome

Postby Instrumental Asylum » Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:39 pm

First, I would love to see the ability to add text and draw directly onto the bed in the network editor, as in have images that have a location on the cartesian plane but aren't associated with any node and don't interact with the project, much like the annotation feature in powerpoint. Then we could add section titles in big white (or whatever color) letters to be able to organize our networks. The most powerful part would be the ability to draw conceptual flow networks for brainstorming directly onto your existing network, to which you could later add the actual nodes over top, which would be sick.

2nd thing, why isn't Touch compatible with touchscreen computers? I mean it's literally called "Touch" designer, that would be like if photoshop didn't support photo editing. Seriously, one of the first things I made IN Touch was a program that was touchscreen compatible. The fact that I need to plug a mouse in to be able to zoom in and out in any usable way is pretty ridiculous. We would also obviously want to use our touchscreens to draw in our annotations.
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