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Networked artwork partner

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Networked artwork partner

Postby spacessound » Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:52 pm

I am looking for a collaborator to advise on, or build in partnership with our small team, an application that can provide the following:

Create a live video stream between 2 locations (A & B)
In location A, present a simple questionnaire/kiosk style experience - A participant will provide an email address or social media ID or both, then roll some virtual dice.
Depending on the outcome of this dice-roll, one of several audio tracks will play both in location A & B
In location B the audio track is interpreted, in real time, by a computer application (created by others) and re-sonified. This new audio track needs to be captured (encoded) and delivered to the participant either as email attachment or social media object, or possibly URL.
The routine is completed once the new audio track has been dispatched to the participant and a message is presented in location A to confirm the process has completed. Another participant can now begin the process.

We are not experienced Touch users and not entirely sure but Touch seems like it could be an ideal platform to quickly execute this simple but challenging work. We are based in Sydney Australia and Tokyo so someone in either of these two locations would be an added bonus but not necessary of course.

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